Thursday, November 13, 2008


So my logic for how Carolina started referring to DumDum suckers as 'bicycles' goes like this....She doesn't eat candy very much, but she does eat icy pops (POPsicle) from time to time; She sucks on those to eat them; So when she had her first DumDum on Halloween she associated the sucking on it the same as sucking on a Popsicle...Therefore it's a 'Bicycle'. Now, as to why she subsituted 'Bi' for 'Pop', I have no idea. But it makes me laugh.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bounce n Slide

This past weekend we went to the Airshow on base and saw the Blue Angels. We thought Carolina would be really into it, she really loves to see planes. But I think maybe they were flying too fast through the air to captivate her. She enjoyed a couple of the slow flights, the planes they had on the flight line for everyone to see up close, and especially the area for kids to do moonwalks. I finally got through all the video. Here are some highlights.

This is a long video. But there are great parts throughout so I had to include it. Especially good at about the 2:50 mark. Tanner and Carolina had a collision! However, a kid ran right in front of them so you kinda miss the actual hit. Any high pitched squealing is Carolina.


She went down once with Rendon and once with me. We weren't sure how she would do but she loved it!

This was a C-130 Hercules named 'Fat Albert'. It's one from the Marine Fleet that they just use for shows. Here they demonstrate a combat landing and takeoff. It's how they have to land or take off in Balad for example, where Rendon was earlier this year, and it's the type of plane that they took into and out of Balad. If you haven't seen a C-130 before, they're HUGE. It's crazy to think of being in one when they dive like this.....SCARY....Rendon said it even hurt his ears, and he's flown small prop planes that aren't pressurized.

Here are the 5 Blue Angels performing a 'Fleur-De-Lis'. If you are familiar with them, you know there should be 6. Unfortunately #4 was not there. From what we heard the pilot got caught 'having relations' with someone of lower rank....

The things they could do were crazy. I didn't catch the name of this maneuver.

This one was so pretty!

An upside down pass (don't know if that's what it's called, but it's what I'm calling it!)

Here is Carolina saying 'Goldfish' which we weren't aware she knew how to say untill she asked for them on the way home from the airshow. We were in Rendon's truck, and it's no where near a smooth ride, so excuse the rough video

Sunday, November 2, 2008

It was good while it lasted...

This morning Rendon was outside in the yard for 2 minutes while I was in the shower, leaving Carolina and the dogs inside. No big deal, right? Wrong. Remember the cake from an earlier post? Well, we had only eaten maybe 1/3 of it, and this morning Roxy had the rest. She jumped the gate into the kitchen and had herself a snack right off the counter. Rendon came back inside to Carolina peering over the gate, and she told him "Roxy eat da cake!". Then, knowing she was not allowed on the counter, Roxy ran out of the kitchen and hid. So Rendon pushes it back further on the counter, and comes to tell me, and go change Lina's diaper. While he's doing so, he hears a crash! Roxy went BACK, got the plate OFF the counter, and almost finished the cake! There were crumbs left. So far she hasn't gotton sick *knock on wood*. As always, Carolina was very animated and excited about the whole thing. We went to the Airshow this afternoon, and she was still telling people what had happened this morning.

And yes, even though the Panthers did not play today, as every Saturday night, Carolina wore a Panthers onsie to bed! Gotta keep the stride going! In the words of Lina "Go Panthies!"