Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

Easter was pretty laid back around here. I have a sinus/cold going on, so we pretty much just did easter basket and coloring eggs, and then laid around. I'm being lazy today so I'm just going to include the video of the easter basket reveal, and pictures of painting the eggs.

Easter Basket


A lil blue riiiiight here



All done!

Just a pic from the other day that I LOVE!

The UPS man brought the first package of Alaska gear today, 2 pair of boots for me, and 1 pair for Carolina! It makes the move seem so close and real!
new 003

new 005

Carolina just HAD to put hers on when she saw me trying mine on. You get from the waist down because she was really close, and she's pretty rough looking because she's going through the same cold I am :-(
new 006

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Party

Today was Carolina's playgroup Easter Party. It just worked out that it was on the same day as her doctors appt., which of course ran late. But everyone was still eating so we didn't miss the easter egg hunt :-) I was excited about this year, because Carolina would understand what to do, would be able to actually walk around and get the eggs and Rendon was here (last year he was in Iraq). Also last year we had to leave early because she went into an asthma attack. So after eating, playing, and of course some swinging, the egg hunt was on! Kristy just laid them around the playgroup, not really hiding them, and everyone could get 5 eggs. Carolina loved it! And now for the fun part, the pictures!

Cupcakes! Of course! These were the only 3 left, and had been knocked around a lil bit, but they had to do for the photo. I used mini cadbury eggs and speckled jelly beans for the 'eggs'.
easter cupcakes 005

First egg!
Easter Party 007

Easter Party 010
And Another!
Easter Party 013

Easter Party 014

Scanning for more eggs.
Easter Party 018

Checking out her goodies.
Easter Party 022

Covered in confetti from Casarones. I had never seen or heard of casarones before moving to San Antonio, but they're a popular mexican party (mainly easter) tradition. It's atually really cute, and even better when you're not responsible for clean up! It's empty egg shells, with a small section removed from the end. Then it's filled with confetti and covered with tissue paper. You then smash it on people's head and it's said to bring good luck. We tried to get Carolina to do it to someone else, but all she would do is give the egg to the other kids. Rendon surprised me, and I thought I'd got all the confetti off but when I saw Becky later at work she pointed out that I still had some confetti on the back of my shirt.....
Easter Party 030