Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Just a short blog here to do a little bragging on Rendon...you thought it was going to be about Carolina, right? Anyway, he was the relief pitcher for their baseball game on Saturday. His arm had recovered from the last game, and he went in in the 6th inning. Unfortunately, I brought my camera without the memory card, so I didn't get any pictures. They were at a different field and it was great for pictures, oh well. But Rendon took over and did awesome! They went into extra innings, and a guy came up to bat that Rendon had struck out his 2 previous at bats. Well, this time the guy figured it out, and hit the ball, bringing the guy on 2nd home. I know it's all about the team, but I'm so proud of how Rendon is doing so I just had to post this :-) This is the short recap from the game.

"Warhawks Lose in 10!Although the Warhawks avoided a 2nd inning meltdown, they were unable to pull out the win. Rendon Corbin pitched lights-out following the horrendous display of control by Lachlan Galbraith. 7 walks and 3 Hb's wont win you ballgames."

You can check out the full page here.

Now for a few pics of Lina and Tanner at playgroup today.

Haley has an almost identical picture to this from almost a year ago. I was going to post it for comparison, but it's on her older computer. This version is small to avoid Tanner being cut out by the layout...
Driving Miss Carolina

Anything you can do

I can do better!


I didn't realize at first, but it totally looks like Tanner is proposing here. Really Tanner is trying to play patty cake with Carolina, and Carolina was trying to pull him up to sit with her.
Ahhh, young love

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's Official

Our new home.

We are moving to Anchorage, AK at the beginning of August. We thought Rendon had until the end of the month to decide, but Rendon found out he either had to cancel the orders, or cancel the cross training package. They put him on the spot, they needed to know right then. Knowing that the cross training was not a guarantee, and if he cancelled the orders it would be next to impossible to ever get orders somewhere else again, he cancelled the cross training. It may all work out in the next four years; His current job is on the way out so he may have to do forced cross training anyway. If we stay in San Antonio, and he doesn't get the cross training now, he may not get to do it when the job 'goes away' because a lot of people that work in the hospital at Lackland are just going to be transferred to BAMC, instead of going to a new job field. So we will see.

In the meantime I am getting used to the idea of moving. I knew way back in November when we found out we might finally get orders to Alaska that I would have mixed feelings about the whole thing. Up until Rendon had to cancel the cross training I was excited. Then he called and told me that Alaska was it, and cross training was out the door. My heart kinda sunk a little bit. It surprised me, and it was then that I realized I was actually kinda hoping he would get the cross training. At the same time, I think that had cross training come back as a 'yes', I would feel the same way if we decided not to go to Alaska. I know one thing for sure, I am going to miss the friends I've made here. If only I could take Haley, Becky, and Kristy with me to Alaska! But that's military....I know it won't be goodbye forever. Hopefully it'll work out so we can all get together once a year or so to catch up. I love you girls!! And Carolina is going to miss you too!

We've been trying to go somewhere, do something different, for 3 1/2 years. It all worked out, but all at the same time! On an ironic note, the orders came through on March 17th. The very same day Rendon and I met at his frat's St. Patrick's Day party 5 years ago! Rendon can't wait to get back on the slopes on a regular basis, and I can't wait to be able to ski regularly (attempt...) to get good enough to keep up with Rendon on some of the more challenging terrain. He's considering teaching lessons at one of the ski resorts to hopefully cut down on season pass cost ($1200 at Alyeska, phew!). There are a few smaller ski areas closer to Anchorage that will be perfect for teaching Carolina to ski. We are finding so many fun things to go see and do, and can't wait to experience all the new and different things.

A few pictures from Rendon's game. They lost (12-10), but Rendon did well. He started and pitched 7 innings. The positions Rendon gets his arm in to pitch the ball mystifies me....I didn't get a good picture of when his arm looks like the elbow is going the completely wrong way, but the second one here is close.

Throwing the ball to first to cut down on the runners lead (I think that's how to phrase it....)

One of the other kids at the game brought their tricycle, scooter, and bubble machine (dedicated mom there to carry all that....Carolina gets a couple books and a little toy or 2). We thought the little girl was at least 3 or maybe even 4, but when I asked her how old she was she said "I'm 2, be 3 in May!". We were blown away, because she looked much older. Her, Carolina, and another little boy, Zaden, were playing with her multitude of toys. At one point Carolina was playing with the scooter, and the next time I looked back, she was standing on it. At first I rushed over because I was terrified she was going to fall, but then I thought well Jazzmine is 2 and she was riding like a pro. So I knelt down and pulled one of Carolina's feet off and tried to motion it in the right way. She got annoyed at me before I even demonstrated it once. But she was balancing herself great, so I let her be. I kept a close eye on her, and within a few moments she put her foot down (the opposite one I tried to teach her with) and pushed off. And kept going! She went up and down the sidewalk, and the few times that she wobbled, she caught herself! It kept my heart jumping for a lot of the game, but she had TONS of fun. I was thoroughly impressed. Once Rendon saw he was amazed too.
In this trip down the sidewalk she was saying "Weeeee, weeeeee!" every time she pushed off.
baseball 016
baseball 017
baseball 018
baseball 019
So Carolina finally learned how to smile on command. It's the same 'cheesy' smile all kids do, but Carolina adds her own little twist. Every time she smile she turns her head to one side or the other and closes her eyes. haha

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sweet Smiles

I finally discovered the trick to capturing that illusive smile Carolina is so good at hiding when I have the camera out. Put her in a bath tub, with lots of bubbles, and make Rendon jump out from behind the wall and do crazy stuff. And she smiles!



Rendon is on the Baseball Varsity League team this year. Previous years, he's just coached his squadron softball team, but finally decided to go for the base team. He had his first game Monday, although it was just a scrimmage. Not knowing him in highschool, I've never seen him pitch, so it was an exciting first for us. Although I was worried, because even with softball, his shoulder would hurt him after games. It has given him a little grief since he's started back pitching, but according to him, it's a normal amount of pain....not due to previous injuries. There were a few guys that pitched before him, based on seniority mostly, but I was very proud of him for not letting that get to him. He hadn't thrown to a batter in practice yet, just thrown bullpens. So he went up for his turn in the 5th inning and did ok, only allowed 1 hit and 2 walks. Pretty good for someone who hasn't been on a mound in years! (I think so anyway, Rendon might say differently, he was a littler harder on himself) In the 6th inning, he struck 2 out, and the 3rd guy up to bat was out at first! He was the only pitcher to strike anyone out! As he returned to the dugout the coach gave him a pat on the back and said "Why didn't I put YOU in earlier?!?". I'm so happy for him to be back playing the game he loves! Hopefully it'll be a fun and successful season. Carolina really enjoyed watching the game, although we had our close call with a foul ball already. I know now not to try and find the ball in the air, just duck and cover both of us!

By the time Rendon got up to pitch it was fairly dark so the pictures aren't too clear. But his next game is Sunday, so stay tuned.

Carolina enjoying some apple and baseball!
baseball 001