Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Getting Better....

Whew. One trimester down...2 to go. So far the all day sickness seems to be waning. I still have some rough days, but there are at least days where I feel almost normal. Using the computer, just like talking on the phone, tended to make me even more nauseous, so I've avoided it for 6 weeks or so. Rendon couldn't believe it when I told him those 2 things, of all things, make me sick. haha. Because of the weakness, and nausea, and because I don't want to upload, I haven't gotten the camera out in a while. The first month in Carolina's life that isn't well photo-documented...... :-( But the pregnancy, despite the sickness, is progressing well. I finally scheduled the dating ultrasound; It actually worked out that I waited a while, instead of a lil peanut, we actually got to see a baby! At 13 weeks, it was still too soon to tell the gender, but we could tell we have another thumb sucker. Joy. As the ultrasound tech moved to a side view, the newest Corbin reached their tiny fist up and found it's mouth.

It looks like our move to Alaska will be delayed about a month. We haven't got the official word, but when Rendon went to turn in the final paperwork the Airforce changed their mind, and decided they DID need more paperwork on Carolina's asthma. It will take about 2 weeks for it to be processed, so it looks like we'll be leaving towards the end of Aug., rather than next week.

Because of all the out processing and training of his replacement, Rendon hasn't been able to take leave. But we lucked out and he had a 4 day 'weekend' last week (mon-thurs) so his sisters flew down, and we took a impromptu trip to the Texas coast. North Padre Island was our beach of choice this time. It's only about 2 1/2 hours away. It's located about 20 miles from Corpus Christi, and the reviews on it reminded me of Ocean Isle in North Carolina. Though further south, about 5 hours, you can go to South Padre Island, and get the crystal water of Mexico and a mini-Schlitterbahn, we opted for the closer grey waters of the gulf coast since we only had a few days. Our hotel was right on the beach, and had 2 pools (back up plan, since last time Carolina was at a beach she was not a fan....). This time though, Carolina LOVED it. She woke up each morning asking to build sand castles and play in the 'lotion'. At night, to get her to go to bed without a fight, we would have to tell her that the ocean was gone, and she would have to go to sleep for it to come back. It all started because the first night she looked out our window once it got dark and exclaimed "OH NO! THE LOTION IS ALL GONE!". She was very brave in the water, walking right out into the waves. I forgot the video camera, but took some little clips on Rendon's phone. I only took my camera out one afternoon, I was still not feeling too great, and nervous about having my camera so close to the sand and water.

Beach Trip July '09 004

Beach Trip July '09 008

She's been really into shadows lately, she about busted it a couple times trying to run in the sand while watching her shadow.
Beach Trip July '09 021

Swinging with Aunt Mariah, aka Ma-rymin or Moo rah rah, and Aunt Candice
Beach Trip July '09 037

Shades and cheese
Beach Trip July '09 047

Trying to outrun the waves. Every toddlers favorite game I think.
Beach Trip July '09 054

Staying hydrated. Luckily, though we've had a record amount of days over 100 in San Antonio, it was in the low 90's on the coast with a great breeze the whole time.
Beach Trip July '09 064

Perfecting the art of sand sculpting.
Beach Trip July '09 076

Press down hard!
Beach Trip July '09 077

Beach Trip July '09 078

High Five!
Beach Trip July '09 079

Candice and Mariah's choice pose for a sibling photo (plus one toddler)
Beach Trip July '09 087

Beach Trip July '09 112

She's mastered the smile on command!
Beach Trip July '09 119

Telling Rendon "I wanna go deep!".
Beach Trip July '09 121

Here's some 30 sec. video clips taken on Rendon's phone. Apologize for my loudness in some of them, I guess the phone's microphone points at the person taking the video rather than the person IN the video.....

In this one she was playing with a little squish fish and got knocked over by a wave. Before I could even help her up she got herself up and kept on going.

Playing with Rendon. I love the end comment.

Squealing with joy every time a wave hits her.

This was right after a wave really got her good, but I love how she comforts the fish. lol

Adding to our castle. Right before she realized she could knock the whole thing down. She went around the whole thing, knocking down each tower with her shovel saying "Oh no, I break the castle!"

Making her own dribble castle after destroying ours. It's really hard to make out because of the wind but she's singing 'build a castle, build a castle'.

Here she just went out in the ocean all by herself, not scared at all, to jump the waves.

We're trying to fit in as much summer fun, swimming and SeaWorld, as we can, because there won't be much of that for the next 3 or 4 years in Alaska. We're sad about not being 10 minutes from SeaWorld anymore, because Carolina loves it SO! She has become an expert at feeding the dolphins, holding the fish right out to the dolphins mouth. We're heading that way as soon as I finish this blog. Since Rendon has been taking her sans me recently, we don't have any pics. I'll try to get some today.