Friday, October 9, 2009

Our House!

Well, we finally found somewhere to upload photos, but the computers are more than a little slow. So, I'm just uploading the 'before' pictures of the house. Once we close on the house, settle in and get internet, I'll take the time to upload all the pics and stories from our scenic trip from San Antonio to Anchorage. Before we move in we plan on ripping up all the gray carpet and putting in hardwood everywhere, with berber carpet in the two bedrooms upstairs, and painting at least the living/kitchen area and ceilings. Eventually, but probably not till after the baby comes, we want to take out the horrible vinyl in the bathrooms and tile them.

Alaska Trip 174

Alaska Trip 173

Alaska Trip 171

Alaska Trip 170

Alaska Trip 155

Directly behind us is a bog, or greenbelt, so there will never be anything built there! (But lots of wildlife, the realtor tells us)
Alaska Trip 156

Alaska Trip 158

All the furniture you see is left by the previous owners; We plan on either donating it or selling it on craigslist.
Alaska Trip 161

Alaska Trip 162

Alaska Trip 159

Alaska Trip 163

Alaska Trip 164

Bedroom One upstairs (kiddo room)
Alaska Trip 180

Bedroom Two (kiddo room) They share a bathroom off the hallway.
Alaska Trip 179

Master bedroom downstairs. We don't mind the color...but the master bath is another story, it will be repainted!
Alaska Trip 167

Alaska Trip 168

See. Bright blue paint. What you can't see is the blue and green SWIRLS they painted on the light fixture and baseboard heat and doors.....You walk around the corner to the left to a closet and toilet.
Alaska Trip 166

Little storage nook off our bedroom. I think we'll make it a little mini playroom for Lina for those early Saturday mornings....
Alaska Trip 177