Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve and Cookies for Santa!

Our Christmas Eve festivities included watching TWO moose in the backyard, a 'quick' run to Target, leftovers for dinner and making cookies for Santa. It was my first time allowing Carolina free reign on decorating, and it was MESSY! But she had a great time. We've had company-Rendon's sister and dad-for the past week. We had a great time sight seeing and spending time with them. Candice left last weekend and his dad left early this morning, so today was lazy time. When Carolina went to bed she said "Where's Grandpa", she really misses having him around.

Around noon, we saw a female moose RIGHT over the fence in the backyard, and then a hour or so later as we were getting ready to head to Target we saw a young bull moose. Both watched me as I first went outside, but then just went right about their business. I was about 10 feet away from the female, with the fence between us. The male was about 20 feet beyond the fence, so to try and get closer I went around the fence. I probably could have gotton closer, but didn't want to push it.

Checking out her Photographer

Young Bull

One of his antlers (one on the left in the pic) appeared to be broken.


Making cookies for Santa!


Using all her strength!!



Showing me that she needed to wash her hands


Taste testing the icing. She approved!


This was her first one decorating. She starting right out putting a face on Santa! A difficult task with an icing bag. Then she took the red, and tried to go over the white icing she had just done, but the red was a little more runny, so it covered up Santa's eyes, nose, and mouth.





Concentrating on making a face for the's a nose and an eye....


Got another eye, and his smile!


We were impressed with her icing skills!



Finished product! Once she realized she could squeeze the bags harder and MORE icing would come out, her goal was to make as big of a blob of icing as she could.


Right before bed, we had her put some on a plate for Santa!

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